LifeStraw Personal Water Purifier

When camping, hiking, kayaking canoeing, and embarking on all manner of outdoor sports, having access to clean water is a constant concern. The LifeStraw Personal Water Purifier is the ideal personal water filtration solution. Don’t let him leave the house or lodge without it.

Stanley Classic Flask

Whether he’s on a camping trip or enjoying a celebration, he can sneak a drink with the rugged Stanley Classic Flask. It’s easy to store in pockets and camping packs, and features a wide mouth for easy pouring. If it’s a gift, you can make use of the engraving space on the bottom.

Pick Punch

You can never have too many guitar picks, and with the pick punch, you’ll never have to worry about running out. Use it to make real, useable guitar picks out of old hotel keys, credit cards, ID cards, and more.

Grime Writer

The Grime Writer is a fun tool for those dirty, grimy surfaces that just beg to be written on. Fill the Grime Writer “pen” with cleaning solution, and go to town on the nearest dirty, dusty surface.