The Mickey Mouse Solid Case

One of the cutest phone cases that I've seen. It offers easy access to all ports and buttons and simply snaps over your phone. If your kids are big fans of Mickey Mouse and Disney this is the case to buy! 

A gleaming Getta Grip case that features an elastic piece on the back for extra security while holding your phone

My Getta Grip phone case has never failed me! It has an elastic piece at the back where you can slip a few fingers in so you can literally get a good grip of your phone. The front of the phone has good protection as well, so it’ll never get scratched or cracked. But the best part about this case is that I’ve never dropped my phone on my face while laying in bed since I purchased it.

A clever Incipio Stashback case that lets you store as many as three cards or IDs in its rear compartment.

The Incipio Stashback case is great! I rarely use a wallet anymore since I can fit my credit card, student ID, and real ID all into the back. It’s not bulky like a lot of other wallet cases and is super secure. I’ve only ever had two phone cases, and the only reason I ever got another is when I upgraded phones. It is the best iPhone case I’ve ever bought.

A clear Mosnovo case with gorgeous white Henna detailing.

My favorite case right now is the Mosnovo clear bumper case in 'White Henna'. About three days after I got my brand new iPhone 7 Plus, I dropped it and shattered the screen. I was devastated and immediately I started searching to find a new case. I cross-referenced all my Amazon searches and finally found this one! It’s amazing quality and they have amazing customer service. They included a phone stand for free and had a hand-written thank you message.

A Lifeproof case that is waterproof and features a built-in scratch protector for your screen.

My dad got a Lifeproof case for his iPhone 6. One day, he was at the gas station and put his phone on top of his car. He forgot it was there and drove off. Upon getting home, he realized what he did and drove back to find it. He found it on the side of the road and it had obviously been run over. The case even had tire marks on it. But the phone still works to this day. So get a LifeProof case!

A basically indestructible Otterbox Defender Series case that will protect your phone from almost anything.

The case comes in two pieces -- a hard plastic shell with a screen protector and a silicone outer cover that goes around the back of the phone — and it’s basically indestructible. Trust me, I'm the biggest klutz I know, and I actually had people shocked at what good condition my phone was in when I brought it back to trade it in after a couple of years. I refuse to buy a phone without having a Defender Series case ready and waiting for it. My phone goes straight from the box into that case.

A minimal Apple case that is lined with microfiber to keep your phone from being damaged by the cover.

I really like the silicon iPhone cases they sell at the Apple Store. They’re soft, protective, and simple.