For every Christian, Baptism is very important and many family members and friends get together to celebrate this day, and of course having a cake is for sure ðŸ˜Š ⛪️ ðŸ˜Š ⛪️ ðŸ˜Š ⛪️ !!!!!! 

This product is decorations for cake for Baptism, that can be on top of the cupcakes or a big cake. The blue ribbon shows that this is perfect for Baptism for boys. The beautiful shiny golden color on the cross is very cute and goes very well with the occasion !!!!!! 

This topper makes your cake and your event a very special and unforgettable for your family and your friends.

These toppers are made by a very talented Confetti Momma, who has the boutique Confetti and luxury party decor in Louisiana. Also, you can use these Cross Cupcake Toppers in other religious occasions. They will make your home made or store bought cupcakes look very luxury. 

To know Confetti Momma better, check out this video:

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