This item is a decal which is sticked on a brand Yeti tumbler. The pattern is a large mouth Bass in black color !!!! Just need to mention that the Yati cup is not included. This is only one use case of this decal. Yu can also use it on your Laptop, or use it as a car decal. All the decals from this brand are made with a very high quality and once you use it on something, it stays there unchanged. You can order the cup from Amazon as well. in order to do that, you need to choose your cup size and decal color from drop down menu to the right in Amazon page!!!! 

This product is made by "207customdesigns" which has many more decals available and you can choose other patterns too.  All of the products are customized to a customers needs. They are designed, cut, transferred installed, ready for shipment. This item specifically has 20oz, and 30oz capacities available.

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